The Services Management has the objective of coordinating the work necessary to meet the requests of small, medium-sized companies large-sized ones, linked directly or indirectly to the area of ​​Polymers and, still, from other research institutions, in addition to individuals.

Some services offered:

  • Detection of promises in artifacts and / or raw materials;
  • Determination of the composition of polymeric materials;
  • Development of rubber composition;
  • Sample preparation in twin screw extruder;
  • Preparation of specimens in injectors and hydraulic presses;
  • Evaluation of properties of polymeric artifacts;
  • Mechanical tests;
  • Shore hardness;
  • Tensile strength;
  • Compressive strength;
  • Flexion module;
  • Fatigue;
  • Aging;
  • Specific analyzes for the oil and gas area;
  • Determination of surface tension;
  • Determination of molecular mass;
  • Chromatographic analysis;
  • Analyze spectroscopy (NMR, FTIR and UV);
  • Macro-structural analysis (MO and SEM);
  • Thermal analysis (DSC, TGA, DMA and DETA);
  • X-ray diffractometry;
  • Determination of surface area;
  • Porosimetry;
  • Viscosity measurements (continuous shear);
  • Rheological curves (oscillatory shear);
  • Flow rate measures;
  • Determination of surface tension;
  • Determination of molecular mass;
  • Perosimetry.

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