Postgraduate Program in Polymer Science and Technology (concept 7 - maximum - at CAPES)

General information

Logo 40 anos menor 300x212The study of polymers has a multidisciplinary character and involves knowledge from various areas, which, in general, is not covered by undergraduate courses in chemistry, physics or engineering. Taking into account, if there is vacancy and if it is in accordance with the criteria established by the Graduate commission. This peculiar character of polymers explains their ability to meet different requirements and this is the reason why we find these materials in various items in our daily lives.

In view of this scenario, IMA has sought to fill the existing gaps through Postgraduate courses - Master and Doctorate (stricto sensu), which it has been offering since March 1977, after the necessary approval by the Graduate Education Council (CEPG) of UFRJ, on 07/01/1977. The Master and Doctorate courses in Polymer Science and Technology are accredited by the Federal Council of Education, both rated 7 in the last CAPES assessment, which places them at the level of excellence, both nationally and internationally.


Program Deliberative Commission

Effective members

Coordinator / President: Diego de Holanda Saboya Souza

Vice-Coordinator: Paulo Henrique de Souza Picciani

Vice-Coordinator:  Maria Inês Bruno Tavares

Teaching Representative: Luciana Spinelli Ferreira/ Surrogate: Claudia Regina Elias Mansur

Teaching Representative: Fernando Gomes de Souza Junior

Technical-Administrative Representative: Sandra Albinante / Surrogate: Aline Lima

Student Representative: Lucas Galhardo Pimenta Tienne / Surrogate: Bruno Cancela

Alternate members

Teaching Representative: Claudia Regina Elias Mansur 

Technical-Administrative Representative: Léa Maria de Almeida Lopes 

Technical-Administrative Representative: Sandra Regina Albinante 

Student Representative: Lucas Thielle 

Disciplines and Curriculum

Use of Credits

Enrollment in an isolated subject will be allowed to students enrolled in other graduate and undergraduate courses at UFRJ or other Higher Education institutions. It is necessary to take into account, if there is vacancy and if it is in accordance with the criteria established by the Graduate commission.The student who takes isolated subjects, who later joins the Program as a regular student, may request the use of up to a maximum of 1/3 of the minimum number of hours required by the Regulation, provided that within a period not exceeding 2 years of its achievement.

Individual Student

Any student enrolled in a public university can request to take courses in the IMA Postgraduate Program. The student must bring a declaration from the Secretariat or the Coordination of his course asking for his registration in the chosen discipline. Enrollment must be made at the Post-Graduate Department of IMA / UFRJ and it is subject to availability, as the preference for filling is for internal students.