Graduates of the Polymer Science and Technology Graduate Program have held prominent positions in different research centers, universities and companies, working in the fields of Nanotechnology, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Petroleum, among others, which represent the multidisciplinarity of polymers science and technology. The flexibility of admission to this Program at Masters and PhD levels confers it strong and trustworthy work force, which is reflected in more productivity.

In addition, it is quoted with great pride that alumni are not only IMA academic personnel, such as Professor Emerson Oliveira da Silva and Diego de Holanda Saboya Souza (Coordinator and vice coordinator of graduate program) (as well as others such as Prof. Alexandre Carneiro Silvino, Prof. Luciana Spinelli and Ana Lucia Nazareth da Silva). Furthermore, there are other alumni who are teachers at the UFRJ branches in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, such as Macaé (Daniel K. Resende) and Xerém (Felipe Fortes de Lima); as well as from different Federal Universities, such as UFAl, UFCG, UFMa, UFRGS and State Universities in Rio de Janeiro (UERJ, UEZO) and other states. In addition, several graduates are spread throughout South America, Latin America, North America and Europe (USA, Mexico, England and the Netherlands) (see profile of alumni in; which contributes positively to our national and international visibility.

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